Company History

The Early Years

The heritage of Walters-Morgan Construction, Inc. begins with Dr. J.D. Walters, who in 1877 became the first Professor of Architecture at Kansas State University. His son founded Walters Sand Company in 1925 and then broadened into the municipal construction field in 1938 with the formation of Walters Construction Company, Inc. The companies were combined as a material supplier and builder until 1947, when Walters Construction Company, Inc. began specializing exclusively in construction services. The company changed its name to Walters-Morgan Construction, Inc. in 1985.

Walters-Morgan Today

Today Walters-Morgan Construction, Inc. continues as a locally owned Manhattan, Kansas based general contractor specializing in the construction of water and wastewater treatment plants and other municipal utilities. The company is owned and managed by an experienced management team of construction professionals, each with many years of experience in the civil construction arena.

Geographic Range

The company has constructed civil and environmental projects in nearly every county in Kansas, along with many projects in Oklahoma and Nebraska. Many of the earliest centralized municipal water and wastewater systems in Kansas were built by WMCI. Our largest completed project to date is the Manhattan, Kansas Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Expansion valued at $23.6 million. In partnership with engineering firms, WMCI has also completed numerous negotiated design/build projects, resulting in significant cost efficiencies for the municipal owners.

Experienced Team

The management team at WMCI consists of highly experienced construction and business professionals and includes civil and construction engineers in Project Management roles. At the job site, supervision is provided by seasoned construction personnel who are well versed in the complexities of treatment plant processes. Lead roles on WMCI projects are held by long time company team members. Walters-Morgan employs highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced staff at all levels.

Caring for the environment through engineering and construction